Document Report

The following list is a list of all available documents provided by the Association of Realtors to its members. The documents are sorted by category and then alphabetically by document name.

Document Name Publish Date File Type
[ Membership ]
11 Safety Tips for Real Estate Professionals7/1/2016PDF
Sullivan County Board of REALTORS, Inc. Bylaws2/24/2020PDF
2019 Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual11/6/2019PDF
2020 Affiliate Member Application3/12/2020PDF
Board of Directors Application8/26/2014PDF
Description of Board Committees2/17/2015PDF
Real Estate Advertising Guidelines10/3/2018PDF
Sullivan County Board of Realtors Policy Manual4/7/2020PDF
2019 Sullivan County Board of Realtors Member Application1/18/2019PDF

[ Education ]
Randy Templeman Bio3/10/2020PDF

[ Contracts & Forms ]
Filing Instructions - Affidavit of Entitlement1/16/2017PDF
SCBR Committee Member Application5/17/2018PDF

[ Updates ]
SCBR Local Statistics January 20203/6/2020PDF
SCBR NY State Statistics January 20203/6/2020PDF
NYSAR Local Statistics for December 20192/7/2020PDF
NYSAR State Statistics for December 20192/7/2020PDF
NYSAR Local Statistics February 20204/13/2020PDF
NYSAR State Statistics for February 20204/13/2020PDF
Code of Ethics and Standards Of Practice11/14/2019PDF
NYSAR Local Statistics March 20205/6/2020PDF
NYSAR State Statistics March 20205/6/2020PDF
SCBR Local Statistics May 20207/2/2020PDF
NYSAR State Statistics for May 20207/2/2020PDF
MP3 Sudio Ad for Commercial Specialist - Use a Realtor15/4/2016MP3
NAR Coronavirus Guide4/10/2020PDF
Arbitration Request Form6/3/2016PDF
Arbitration Request Form (Non-Member)6/3/2016PDF
Grievance Package11/14/2019PDF
NAR 2020 Code of Ethics And Arbitration Manual3/12/2020PDF
NYSAR Annual Report of the New York State Market2/7/2020PDF
SC Land Bank Proposal4/11/2018PDF
April 2019 DOS Real Estate License Law11/14/2019PDF
What You Need To Know About The NY Shield Act 2/25/2020PDF
Supra Lockbox Form10/9/2018PDF